Member Services

The member services committee oversees the CYCA's social progam, catering services, bars, and upkeep of the clubhouse, and seeks to increase the benefits of club membership.

The member services committe have introduced a number of successful social activities including the weekly Thursday night members' Badge Draw. They were also responsible for increasing the members' discount to 10%, which applies to all beverage sales throughout the bars and eating areas, and club merchandise that is available at reception, and oversaw the recent restaurant renovation. 

The committee also supports the associates and CYCA cruising with their year-round calendar of activities.

On the committee are representatives of the associates and the breakfast club as well as CYCA staff, directors and club members who bring the concerns and compliments of others members to the attention of the committee.

Chair: Arthur Lane Rear Commodore

Members: Leander Klohs Director

Justine Anson    

Doug Read         

Kevin Mendes    

Justin Atkinson  

Lucas Roe           

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Jane Kugleman