2013 Rendezvous to Hobart report from Denis Doyle, Sextant, 20 Feburary 2013

Yachts participating in the 2013 Rendezvous to Hobart , the Wooden Boat Festival, the Van Diemens Land Circumnavigation and or who have just been Cruising celebrated their arrival in Hobart at the now traditional dinner at the Shipwrights Arms Hotel (which has catered to sailors for over 165 years) last Thursday evening.

All had different tales to tell of their Bass Strait crossings and their Rendezvous' with other boats during the trip. Wineglass Bay, Schouten Island, Triabunna, Maria Island, Fortescue Bay, Dunnalley Canal, Bruny Island, Kettering and more were just some of the places visited as Cruisers made their way to Hobart. 

All who participated in the 2013 Rendezvous to Hobart acknowledged that the Roger Badham forecasts supported by the CYCA were essential to the successful planning of their passages.

Many have now fulfilled their Wooden Boat Festival duties and will continue Cruising, circumnavigating or planning their return.We were welcomed at all anchorages and marinas, in particular at the RYCT by boats who although not part of our group had taken advance notice of the Cruise and in most instances were looking out for us, all were enthusiastic to share news and anchorages and welcome us to Tasmania. A very strong sense of community this time was marked by many impromptu gatherings at anchor, at marinas and very much so at the WBF. 

The Wooden Boat Festival is a truly wonderful event and should be on everyone's calendar, many CYCA members were seen on the docks including Simon Kurt's Love and War that was proudly flying the RSHYR flag as well.

We would also like to acknowledge the terrific assistance of Marius Coomans and his site for our own 2013 Rendezvous to Hobart Cruise page - you can follow all boats cruising on this site.

Best Regards from Denis Doyle and Lynne Smith on Sextant


2013 Rendezvous to Hobart Report, 4 February 2013

The 2013 Rendezvous to Hobart is close to completion for the 14 boats registered and for the handful of others who have shadowed the event. Notable boats include:Taratibu, skippered by NCYC stalwart Bruce Bragg; and famed Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race veterans Fare thee Well, Fidelis, Kintail and Malohi.

The weather has been volatile for most of the participants and the daily weather forecast from Roger Badham have once again proven invaluable. While he waited in Eden for a gale to pass, Greg Cockle on Volare observed that "Having Badham's weather is a huge bonus. Simple and no BS."

East coast weather being what it is, most of the 2013 Redezvous to Hobart boats called into Twofold Bay with some memorable shared meals and explorations enjoyed. After the crossing, favored rendezvous anchorages included Babel Island, Wineglass and then Chinaman's and Hen and Chicken Bay, Schouten Island.

This is the third Rendezvous to Hobart and all the boats will be in Hobart in time for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, which gets underway on 8 February.  It is immediately followed by the 10th Van Diemen's Land Circumnavigation Cruise.

By David Champtaloup, Cruising


Report from Denis Doyle, Sextant: 20 January 2013

After six months of intense preparation to fit out their new Xc42 Sextant for serious cruising Denis Doyle and Lynne Smith, with David Champtaloup and Janna Tess, aboard cast off the CYCA marina last Tuesday 15th January to join 12 other yachts heading to Hobart for the Wooden Boat Festival, the Van Diemens Land Circumnavigation conducted by the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and cruising in and around Tasmania.

At midday on Sunday 20 January, Sextant was approx. 50mls South of Gabo Island heading for Wineglass Bay after waiting for a sou'west front to move through in Eden. The crew left Eden (and the woodchip mill) about midnight on Saturday.

Sextant is part of a procession of boats crossing the Strait in very calm conditions today (Sunday). A south west front predicted for Tuesday means that the windows for crossing the Strait under cruising conditions is narrow but with Clouds Badham helping with forecasts we are now well on our way.

All aboard Sextant are enjoying the comfort and wonderful cruising features of the new boat, not without some minor dramas as one would expect but it's an exciting boat to sail.

Best regards from all aboard Sextant