Australian Hydrographic Service Information Night with Mike Prince

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  • 24 Oct 2016 13:00:00


Have you ever wondered which parts of a chart are good, and which are unreliable? How can you tell? While electronic charts may be popular, have you wondered if there are differences between official and commercial brands? There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding electronic charts. These can mean the difference between a good day's sailing, and a very bad one.

Mike Prince is the Director of Charting Services for the Australian Hydrographic Service. He is a hydrographic surveyor, former Navy navigator and commanding officer, and is now responsible for creating, maintaining and supplying Australia’s electronic and paper chart series. Focusing on electronic charts, and using a few examples, he will hopefully dispel some basic charting myths and misunderstandings.

The event on Tuesday 22 November at 6:30pm is an import evening for sailors, racers and cruisers alike. An understanding of charts and GPS, and the correct use of both will be demonstrated.

Michael will be presenting information relating to the work of the Hydrographers Office and the production of electronic and paper charts for navigational purposes. He will explain and talk about the important issues regarding the use of electronic charts, and use real examples of GPS assisted groundings to illustrate these issues. He will be taking questions on the use of electronic charts and how the details and information on those charts vary with different providers.

This information is of vital importance to all those who use electronic charts.

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Presentation by Mike Prince from the Australian Hydrographic Service Image:

Presentation by Mike Prince from the Australian Hydrographic Service


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