Ladies Day Race 3 brings another superb Land Rover Winter Series to a close

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  • By Ross Macdonald
  • 17 Jul 2017 14:33:01

Division 1 overall winner, Elena Nova


Light winds meant high stakes in the final Ladies Day, and the final race, of the 2017 Land Rover Winter Series. The conditions ensured every move was amplified and saw wise tactics as crucial in delivering final places on the day, and also as part of the overall series.

In Division 1 it was Michael Selby’s Cyrene 3 who took the honours for Race 3 with Lindsey Gilbert at the helm. They were closely followed by the Justine Anson-skippered Smuggler with Justine Kirkjian at the helm of Vento coming in third.

Finishing fourth on the day but doing enough to win the group overall was Craig Neil’s Judel & Vorlijk 42, Elena Nova, skippered by Maike Muth.

Speaking after the race and following her overall series victory, Muth said, “The conditions would suggest it was not the most exciting day but that’s not necessarily true, there was good breeze in some places and nothing in others.”

“That said it was exciting in the sense of tactics and how important they became. The sails in use and the direction in which we were pointing were all critical. We had about 20 mins of pure floating, luckily we floated a bit faster than the others.”

“Our crew is made up of a good bunch and they’re largely regulars so we have a good bond there. I’ve been sailing on the boat for about 3 years so have a good understanding of it but was great to be on the helm and thanks to Craig for the opportunity.”

In Division 2 Mortgagechoice Rumba with Stephanie Cook at the helm took the Race 3 win but it was Mako, skippered by Linda Gorannson, who secured the overall division win after finishing second ahead of Rapid Transit. The latter finishing second in the series.

In Division Non-Spinnaker 1 Victoria Stuhlmann on Reve took the spoils in Race 3 but after finishing second at the weekend, it was a series win for Pam Messenger on Utopia   

Commenting after the race Messanger said, “It was a very soft breeze and hard to pick the wind shifts. Our rivals on Foreign Affair and Papillon went off 7 and 9 minutes before us in a 5kt light westerly which died out to 1.5Kts so it was hard to catch up.”

“We did manage to overtake them up towards sow and pigs where we slowly moved up the harbour. After that the breeze filled in again as we were approaching Shark Island so our rivals were back within close proximity. Fortunately we held on to the end in what was another very challenging, tactical race but we're thrilled to have taken the trifecta in this year's Land Rover Winter Series.”

In Division 2 Non-Spinnaker it was L’Attitude, helmed Christine Hardman, winning out on the day but after taking second place, Defiant were crowned the overall series winners with Hubcap 2 coming in second in the series after they finished Race 3 in third place.

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Utopia Image: David Brogan, Sailpix



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