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  • 07 Dec 2017 16:38:42
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CYCA Trophy Series


The line-up is jam packed full of action for the CYCA Trophy Series this weekend, including Rolex Sydney Hobart big names Black Jack, Wild Oats XI, Wild Oats X, Beau Geste (HKG) and Wizard (USA). With Saturday looking like a dying southerly breeze, and Sunday seeming light before a late seabreeze, it will be a tough task to win the series.

There is a strong fleet of 40-52 foot yachts competing this weekend, who will all be trying to take the top spot in the final offshore series before the Rolex Sydney Hobart. Bruce Taylor’s Caprice 40, Chutzpah is making a return to the Trophy Series, as is Tony Walton’s RP46 Hartbreaker and Les Goodridge’s X50 Wax Lyrical.

Les explained how some boats like to use the CYCA Trophy Series as practice for the Rolex Sydney Hobart. “This is day racing, so some yachts like to test their equipment and manoeuvres whilst racing. However the long offshore races take a lot more concentration and tenacity over three to five days.

“We’ll be using this weekend’s racing to test a couple of different rig set ups for the Rolex Sydney Hobart. We have about 60% of the crew on board that will come to Hobart with us, but this weekend is all about a having fun out there.

“The 40-50 footers entered this weekend are mainly racing boats, so we’ll be at the Corinthian end of the fleet. They’re all pretty much faster than us I think, at least we’ll know which way to go,” he laughed.

“It’s good to be on the start line with a bunch of the bigger boats as well, it’s good practice for the Rolex Sydney Hobart.”

Wizard boat captain Chris Larson says the crew is looking forward to racing this weekend. “Saturday looks like a nice breeze. It will be great to get out there and sail in some real life racing scenarios, being pressured up against other boats. Though Sunday looks a bit lighter, so we’ll be hoping for the seabreeze to fill in early.”

“This weekend we have four of the Wizard crew from the USA, whilst the rest are either from Australia or New Zealand. There are a lot of the Giacomo crew on board for both this weekend and the Rolex Sydney Hobart. We’re missing 5 of the guys from the USA for the Trophy Series, so have a few local sailors filling in,” he continued.

“Wizard owners David and Peter Askew are so excited to get down to Sydney. Unfortunately due to work obligations they couldn’t be here for the Trophy Series, but I’ve been speaking to them every day and sending photos and video of the boat. They just can’t wait to get their hands in the cookie jar and get racing!”

Larson commented that the weather will heavily influence the results, noting the 50 foot yachts will be in a good position based on the current forecast.

Racing starts at 11am on Saturday and Sunday. Results will be available here


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