Quiet Little Drink - 2012

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  • By Jennifer Crooks
  • 15 Sep 2012 11:00:00

Over 150 people attended the annual Quiet Little Drink on Friday evening 14 September, 2012 to honour those yachtsmen who had achieved the 25 Hobart milestone. Adrienne Cahalan was honoured for having sailed 20 Sydney Hobarts and the Associated re-dedicated a trophy in Adrienne's honour.

Adrienne Cahalan honoured at the Quiet Little Drink as 11 Yachtsmen are Inducted into the Famous 25 Hobarts Club

Renowned Sydney navigator Adrienne Cahalan was recognised as the woman who has sailed the highest number of Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Races at the Quiet Little Drink(QLD) cocktail party celebration last Friday evening, hosted by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

Pam Messenger, President of the Associates Committee, presented Adrienne with a special trophy for women who have competed in 20 Sydney Hobart Yacht Races. The elegant trophy, that has been dedicated in Cahalan's honour, incorporates the first ever CYCA Ladies Day race trophy that was presented to Mrs P W (Betty) Luke, wife of CYCA founder
Peter Luke, in April 1950.

In her 20 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race log, Cahalan has notched up five line honours wins (including four on Wild Oats XI). She was part of the Wild Oats XI crew when they claimed the treble of line honours, race record and overall win in 2005.

Cahalan has skippered two all-girl crews to Hobart in 1992 (Ella Bache) and 1996 (Elle Racing) but started her Hobart career in 1984 as the tender age of 20. She was a crew
member aboard Mystic Seven in that year and was to continue as a crew member for her next two races to Hobart.

She has spent the last 17 Sydney Hobarts at the nav station and is relieved that she never had to pull out a sextant to navigate a Sydney to Hobart.

"I've looked up to a few people standing here tonight such as David Lawson and Lindsay May (as fellow navigators) and I still stand in awe of your achievements.

"It's a very proud moment for me to be here tonight. It's a great milestone to have achieved 20 Hobarts as a woman," Cahalan said upon accepting the trophy.

Whether man or women the ambition to compete in a Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is same. "It's not gender specific to want to want to sail to Hobart. We all share the ambition
and dream of sailing a Sydney Hobart and we thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie that this sport has including: being on Sydney Harbour each Boxing Day with a stomach full of nerves awaiting the start signal to getting to Hobart and sharing a drink at Customs House," she added.

"I've got great teammates with whom I've sailed each of my Hobarts with - both men and women but there's some unique camaraderie with a team of women at sea." Adrienne also
paid tribute to other women who she has sailed to Hobart with including Vanessa Dudley, Nicky Bethwaite and Gail Harland.

"Thanks to the CYCA Associates Committee, who have made a point of recognising women competing in the Sydney Hobarts throughout the years, when they achieve the milestones of 10, 15 and now 20 races. It's a great honour to have my name associated with this trophy.

And speaking of the Hobart "It's a great race - Let's celebrate the Hobart race for what it is - a great challenging voyage that I can't wait to do again," Cahalan concluded.

Mary Holley was also presented with the Jane Tate Memorial Trophy for having completed her 15th Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - 14 of which she has done with husband Jim aboard
their modified Farr 40Aurora.

Ian 'Barney' Walker was one of the eleven sailors who sailed in their 25th Sydney Hobart race in 2011 and were inducted into the Sydney Hobart Hall of Fame.

Walker, together with: John Woodford and David Hodgson (JBW), Gavin Gourlay and Peter Fletcher (Chutzpah), Larry Jamieson (Ragamuffin), Peter Inchbold (Wild Rose); Robert Moore (Copernicus), Julian Freeman (Shogun), Damian Parkes (Duende) and Greg Johnston (Vamp); now join 87 sailors who have their name engraved on the beautiful Huon Pine Map of Tasmania honour board.

This board, together with the 10 and 15 honour boards for women hang in the Coasters Retreat at the CYCA.

Jason Van Der Slot, owner of Calm who sailed with Ian 'Barney' Walker last year in his 25th
race, provided the citation. "His skill and passion for sailing has led to him to do the 25 Hobarts races," Van Der Slot said.

"Barney did his 25th Hobart on Calm and I've never learnt so much from someone in the ocean - his passion for the sea, the crew and that race is unbelievable." 

Barney started his Hobart journey in 1983 on Black Magic and has only missed five Hobart races since then. He has achieved three overall wins (Ultimate Challenge,1989, Terra
Firma, 1995 and Ausmaid,1996), three line honours wins (Nokia, 1999; Alfa Romeo, 2002;Skandia, 2003) and nine divisional wins.

Walker thanked his family - daughters Jamie and Michaela, partner Sandra and his sister (who were with him on Friday evening) for giving him their support, so that he can pursue
his ocean racing career. "I just want them to see what I see and why I leave my Christmas lunch to sail in this great race. It's a big part of my family life."

"I guess I have saltwater running through my system - I do love competing in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. I have sailed in many ocean races around the world but I know that
when I come to the CYCA and participate in the Hobart, I'm part of another family. Most of my life has been spent in this sport and I love it - I've never felt so comfortable,  welcomed and at home as I do when I'm at the CYCA," Walker added.

Tony Ellis provided the citation for Larry Jamieson, whilst Michael Doherty provided the citation for Robert Moore.

Two Youth Sailing Academy students, Alex Paton and Rob Bell, were also recognised as having sailed their first Sydney Hobart and were presented with a commemorative plaque, similar to the plaques presented to the 25 Hobart hall of fame inductees.

Tony 'Glark' Cable was again convenor of the annual QLD with Steve 'Mothy' Jarvin handling duties at the microphone.  Warren Kermond entertained the crowd with a tune reminiscent of the original jazz band that was secured by Cable for one of the first QLDs in Hobart. Kermond showed he still had form on the dance floor belting a tap dance number that could put Michael Flatley to shame! 

Other sailing identities present on the evening include Bob Thorpe, the Tasmanian man who
originally commissioned the Hobart board, David Slingsby, David Kellett, Lindsay May, Tony Ellis, Phil Eadie, John Dawson, Dick Beardman, David Reid and John Sheridan.

By Jennifer Crooks

Adrienne Cahalan with CYCA Associates President Pam Messenger and Mary Holley Image: CYCA Staff

Adrienne Cahalan with CYCA Associates President Pam Messenger and Mary Holley

Robert Moore, Dick Beardman, Larry Jamieson and Ian 'Barney' Walker Image: CYCA Staff

Robert Moore, Dick Beardman, Larry Jamieson and Ian 'Barney' Walker


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