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Competitors are encouraged to read both the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions prior to making an Online Race Entry.

Important Information:

NOR 7. Eligibility 
The races are open to single hulled self-righting displacement boats only. 
A boat shall have an LOA of not less than 6.0m.
A boat shall comply with the Special Regulations Part 1 for Race Category 7 except that trailable boats shall comply with Race Category 6. 

NOR 10. Entry and Entry Fees
A block entry shall be completed online by 1200 hours on the Thursday before Race 4 to be eligible for the series pointscore. Casual Entries shall be completed online by 1200 hours on the Thursday prior to each race. 

A block entry for the Ladies Day Pointscore series shall be completed online before 1200 hours on the Thursday prior to the Opening Ladies Day race to be eligible for the pointscore.

SI 28 Pointscores and Scoring
28.1 Boats shall enter by Race 4 and must have raced in at least 3 races by the completion of Race 6 to be included in the pointscore (What this means is that after Race 6, the pointscore will be re-adjusted to remove any competitors who do not meet the requirement of SI 28.1. Block entered competitors will then be shown as a "Visitor" for scoring purposes.)


Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Conditions of Entry