Required Documentation

Further information, series SI's are available in the Summer Program.

For Summer Racing Series: (OPS, SOPS, SHPS, Twilights Etc) 

In addition, the following shall be supplied for the Ocean Pointscore Newcastle Race:

  • Verification of Stability
  • Radio Inspection Certificate 

For the Blue Water Pointscore Series: (BWPS)

  • Completed Entry made online
  • Conditions of Entry Form (BWPS)
  • Australian Sailing Special Regulations Equipment Audit Form for Race Category 2 or higher
  • Verification of Stability
  • Verification of Construction requirements
  • Current Rating Certificate (if applicable)
  • 406 EPIRB Certificate
  • Life Raft Inspection Certificate
  • CYCA Radio Inspection Certificate
  • Radio Operators certificates for two crew members
  • Provide First Aid certificates for two crew members
  • Australian Sailing Sea Safey and Survival course certificates for 30% of crew members
  • Declaration of crew experience for 50% of crew members
  • Crew List in the format supplied by the Organising Authority
  • General Disclaimer and Acknowledgement of Rights form to be signed by each crew member
  • Digital Colour Photograph of boat under sail
  • Marine legal liability insurance policy
  • Entry fee